Project Runway Junior Recap Challenge 1: First Impressions

Things have been so busy that I haven't had time to update my blog! I wanted to start out by thanking everyone who has been so supportive of me. Every comment and message has meant so much!

I thought I would do a quick recap of each episode for you!

project runway junior designer allie

Week One Challenge: First Impressions

This challenge was fun because we got to show the judges who we are through our designs. But let's back up to meeting Tim Gunn for the first time! I seriously bawled like a baby, as in "ugly cry" because I was so excited! I've loved Project Runway for so long and have always respected his opinion so ya, that was a "moment" for me. Next we went to Mood to find our fabrics and honestly 30 minutes in Mood goes by way too fast! In the work room I literally zoned out to what everyone else was doing and focused on my design. Let me say that before this I had never made a custom piece for a model and of course I decided to make it fitted..that is not for the faint of heart! I also had never worked with piping but what the heck, why not sew something new during a challenge on national tv and in only 10 hours. 

While I was disappointed that the editors didn't have time to include my critique with Tim, I'm just happy that it happened and will never forget when he said, "Your tailoring is impeccable!" I loved working with my model, Juanita, and l was thrilled that the dress fit her like a glove! I love statement sleeves and florals so boom, my dress was everything I hoped for and I finished literally in the nick of time.

The Runway: This was really emotional for me even though I was safe. I was in complete shock when I found out three of my favorite people were in the bottom! Every challenge we were asked to write down who we thought was in the top and who was in the bottom. I honestly thought Ruby was going to win. She is an amazing designer and her technique was one of the best in the group.  I also thought Chris was going to be in the top, his design was so unique and fun that I couldn't imagine the judges wouldn't like it. Molly had a great critique with Tim so I felt like her look was going to be in the top too. When they came back in the room to tell us who was top and who was bottom we were all stunned! I don't think we ever got over Ruby going home, I know I didn't. I've never met someone that I made an immediate connection and friendship with like I did with her and Molly and really all of the cast but those two girls are my besties to this day! The shockwaves from Ruby going home made the competition suddenly feel real.

project runway junior designer allie    project runway junior designer allie

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